Hey, today I'd like to show you a very easy tutorial about how to design your own T-Shirt without needig to go to a copy shop. Since it is that simple, it actually doesn't really require a tutorial but I wanted to inspire you with it. Enjoy!

First things first, what you are going to need:
A plain T-Shirt (colour depends on the ones you want to use on it) and a piece of cardboard box which you're going to stuff inside the T-Shirt (to prevent the colours from dripping through it).
Some kind of fabric markers (you can get them here) and a pencil to create the draft of your pattern.

I personally recommend to draw a few reference lines before you start in order to make sure that your motive is going to be in the centre of your shirt.

 Example of one of my reference lines.
Now that you're prepared, let's get started. Search the internet for a good reference photo or simply draw something hands-free. First use your pencil, if you're satisfied with your sketch, you can begin to fill it out with your markers.



After you finished, you should let it dry and then quickly iron your shirt to fix the colours. You can basically create ANYTHING you want and of course you can also try this technique on different clothing items. All in all, I think it's a very fun and inexpensive way to create unique pieces and live your own personal style. (And it's a pretty cool present too!)

PS: You can find my reference photo here.

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