Dress - H&M (similar here)
Shoes - Dr. Martens (1461)
Hello everybody! It's been a while since I uploaded my last look but I just couldn't find time to keep up with the blog. My new year at university began and it basically hit me off the ground because I always feel kind of lost at the beginning, but now, as I get used to it again, I hope I'll have a bit more spare time. Anyways, I wanted to show you my latest purchase: Dr. Martens!!! I'm literally obsessed with those shoes, ever since I got them I'm wearing them non-stop and they're just perfect! They go so well with everything and make every outfit look cool and effortless. I especially like the combo with white socks as you can see in the pictures. I hope you like it, have a good day! :)



Autumn is finally here and that means we get to fish our cozy sweaters out of the depths of our closets, drink hot chocolate and have a good excuse for staying in bed all day long <3

But of course it's also accompanied by replacing summer items with warmer pieces for colder days and therefore I thought it was a good idea to make a wishlist, I hope you enjoy it!